Report Fraud

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a criminal act in which individuals, groups, or businesses steal taxpayers' monies from HUD and its programs. Fraud can also lead to acts of violent crime. When fraud occurs, residents and tenants become victims and HUD's programs are abused. Tenants who make false statements regarding their income or family size, or alter official documents, are committing fraud. HUD-assisted rental housing employees who engage in bribery, contract bid rigging, embezzlement, or who alter, forge or destroy records are committing fraud.


Report Program Fraud and/or Program Abuse

The Garfield County Housing Authority (GCHA) is committed to protecting the integrity of the federal programs it administers. If you have any reason to believe that any fraudulent activity is taking place in connection with any of GCHA's programs, please report the matter promptly to GCHA.

Please keep in mind
It is not possible to obtain the status of the investigation.
When reporting please include as much information as possible.
All information is confidential. You are not required to give your name or contact information.

If you are reporting fraud or abuse of our programs and/or housing services please click HERE to print the Fraud-Abuse Form.

Please fill out the form and fax it to 970.625.0859. You can also email it directly to us at or mail it directly to our Rifle Office at the address below.

Please note: There may be additional questions regarding your complaint. Please consider providing your name and contact information to allow for follow-up contact if needed. All complaints submitted to Garfield County Housing Authority are treated confidentially. Complaints are shared only within GCHA for the purpose of evaluating your complaint.

If you prefer, you may provide your complaint anonymously. In many cases, however, the lack of contact information prevents a comprehensive review of the complaint and will not allow a thorough investigation of the complaint.

GCHA Staff will follow up on all reports of susptected fraud. Any violations committed by Housing Choice Voucher Program Participants, Landlords, as well as GCHA employees, will be subject to the policy of the Housing Authority and/or local, state and federal regulations.