City of Glenwood Springs Community Housing Guidelines


The purpose of the Community Housing Program for Glenwood Springs is to increase the supply of ownership housing that is affordable to those who live and/or work in the area. The Community Housing Program requires that new residential ownership development provide at least 15% of the housing that is produced to be affordable to households earning up to 120% of the area median income as outlined in the Guidelines. This program offers incentives  that may be used to mitigate the costs of producing this housing, while continuing to address the desire of the community to provide more affordable housing overall in areas that are close to transit. The program also seeks to distribute community housing throughout new developments to ensure units will be produced in proportion to market rate housing that is constructed in any new development.

The City of Glenwood Springs recognizes that affordable housing is a valuable community resource that needs to remain available for not only current residents and employees, but also for those who may come to the area in the future. For this reason, community housing units that are constructed are subject to these Guidelines and the City's Inclusionary housing requirements as outlined in Article 070.130 of the Glenwood Springs Municipal Code. Community housing units will be held as permanently affordable through deed restrictions or other methods to ensure prices remain affordable over time.

Glenwood Springs Community Housing Guidelines               Area Median Income Limits 2017                    City of Glenwood Springs


Priority of Qualified Applicants in Lottery

The Garfield County Housing Authority shall assign all Qualified Applicants 1 of 3 priorities.

  1. Priority One- Full-time employees working for an employer with a physical address within the corporate city limits of Glenwood Springs or an employee who is self-employed within the corporate city limits of Glenwood Springs.
  2. Priority Two- Full-time employees working for an employer whose physical address is located within the 81601 zip code, or an employee who is self-employed within the same area.
  3. Priority Three- Full-time employees working for an employer within a fifty (50) mile radius of the corporate city limits.

*Full-time is defined as a minimum of 32 hours per week per calendar year.


Deed Restricted Properties

The deed restricted properties are located throughout the City of Glenwood Springs and consist of six townhouses with two or three bedrooms and one condo with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. These properties have a maximum resale price with an 3% annual appreciation based on the Consumer Price Index for Garfield County. There are active Homeowners Association's for all properties.